Express Test DePuls+


Express Test Complex DePuls+ is a software used for assessment of the human body self-regulation resources. The program is implemented based on a DePuls+ device. The device is characterized by easy operation. It does not require any special skills. Thanks to the software interface, you can quickly obtain the test results in the suitable form.


DePuls+ device is efficient for control of the body condition when various methods of health improvement are used, i.e. biologically active supplement, bioresonance effect, health-improving massage, yoga, various spiritual practices, etc.


The test results are not a diagnostic decision and do not replace standard methods of disease diagnostics and consultations of specialized doctors. They serve as a helpful supplement for assessment of the body self-regulation resources.


How does DePuls+ work?


The device estimates the body's state under the neurodynamic analysis of the heart rhythm variability that is analyzing the intervals between the cycles of heart contractions. The heart rhythm is a universal body reaction to internal and external irritants, and its frequency can indicate problems in any organ systems with a high level of accuracy.


Using this device you can spot weak areas in the body state, follow up the changes of any physical parameters, as well as estimate how various factors: physical activity, bioresonance devices use, day regime changes, etc., affect the body. DePuls+ does not only estimate the health condition but also allows taking the required measures to improve the life quality, and to check the effectiveness of the health improvement strategy applied.


 PREIS PRO GERÄT:  € 1700.-


1. heart variable measure

2. neurovegetative Funktion & stress indication

3. psychosomatic & brain balance

4. immune balance

5. biological Age & energy pyramid

6. function state of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract

7. functional condition of all physiological systems

8. Functional condition of the spinal column

9. indicator of functional health

10. energy Aura in the body

11. the chakra system

12. the meridians


14. Dynamics of functional - energetic measures

15. Results and advices for regeneration